Daily Archives: Monday, April 16, 2012

 (Patrick Kriner)


As we travelled throughout the Lake Nakuru area on our way to the Masai Mara, we came upon many Giraffes.  We knew we would see Giraffes in the Mara but our guides pulled our vehicles over and told us to grab some images of these Giraffes.  They explained that the Giraffes in the Lake Nakuru area were different than those in the Mara.  Their spots were different and you will see a distinctive difference between those by the lake and those in the Park. So we captured some images around the Lake and came upon this one who was pregnant.  In addition to the great photo opportunities in Kenya, we learned many things about the wildlife through our guides.  They were very knowledgable about the area as well as the wildlife.  Great fun and education as well.  Enjoy!

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