Daily Archives: Friday, April 27, 2012

Baboon Always on the Watch

 (Patrick Kriner)Shortly after we observed a Male Lion getting out of a tree (see previous post), we found this Baboon sitting perched on the branch of a tree ever watchful for threats to the rest of the Baboons playing along side the road.  From the safety of our Land Rovers our Guide explained to us that even though the Baboons looked playful and quite harmless, they were agressive and dangerous animals.  Sleeping in our tent camps at night we could hear the baboons screeching to tell others about any danger in the area.  Presumably this would be a Leopard as they are mostly nocturnal animals.  We were grateful for the safety of our vehicles as this Baboon looked like it could give us a run for our money.  Remember to like this image on Facebook, +1 on Google+, and “Pin It” on Pinterest.  Enjoy!