Daily Archives: Monday, April 30, 2012

Lioness Portrait

 (Patrick Kriner)


One of the first Animals we came across as we entered into the Park itself were Lions.  For the most part they were lying in the sun and watching their cubs play nearby.  This behavior gave us a great opportunities to capture portraits of these magnificent animals.  Or uguides explained to us that when you consider the age of all of the animals in the Masai Mara Wildlife Area, they were always exposed to people and vehicles as people have been driving through the Mara for over 25 years. Habituated to Cars and People help us to get close enough to get some great photographs.  But the guide cautioned us not to get out of the vehicle as the animals would attack and we would be the subject of their interests and not the other way around. Remember to repost to Google+, like me on Facebook, or “pin” this image to your boards on Pinterest.  Enjoy!