Tree Swallow, Magee Marsh.

Tree SwallowThe Biggest Week

This week in Northwest Ohio is referred to as “The Biggest Week.”  As in the biggest week in birding for the International migratory bird celebration.  Each year thousands of birders and photographers gather for the bird migration during the second week of May.  The above image was captured yesterday.  Tree Swallows populate Magee Marsh this week as they continue their trek north to Canada.  I arrived early yesterday morning chasing the light and hoping for some quality bird photography.  manof the birders arrive later in the morning and jam the Boardwalk at Magee Marsh.  Some are also photographers and the large tripods seem to take up more and more room each year.  I was carrying my trusty Olympus EM-1 Mark II.  Coupled with my 300mm lens and 1.4 teleconverter, I could maintain a long reach and yet could hold it pretty steady without the tripod.  This combination helps me keep a smaller profile and allows me to be more agile when tracking the birds here in the marsh.

Tree Swallow, Magee Marsh.

Tree Swallow. (Tachycineta Bicolor).  This bird breeds in North America and winters in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.  They are small birds and weigh less than an ounce.  This appears to be a female as they tend to have more greenish colors.  Males have a tendency to have more bluish colors.  These colors also seem to point out that this is an adult as the juvenile Tree Swallows are more dull in their coloring. This bird allowed me to capture some great shots.  Earlier in the morning it was a little tough going. The birds were keeping to the brush and trees.  I could see them and pick out their colors, but a great photograph of these birds was a little difficult.  I will be back in a day or two as more and more of these warblers begin to populate the areas around the edge of Lake Erie.  Enjoy!

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