Baltimore Oriole, Magee Marsh

Baltimore Oriole Magee Marsh

Baltimore Oriole

Venturing out once again to Magee Marsh along the coast of Lake Erie, I headed out early to beat the rush.  This week is the International Migratory Bird Festival and the boardwalk around the marsh gets crowded later in the morning.  So, I spent a few hours in the early day sunshine to find and photograph some of the birds traveling through this month on their way up north.  This image was captured on my way out of the refuge.  Several Baltimore Orioles (Icterus galbula) circled around the trees and caught my eye.  This particular bird was right over my head along the boardwalk and was kind enough to settle on an open branch for several photographs.  Baltimore Orioles are one of the most brilliant colored song birds sharing its orange and black col,ors with the coat of arms of the late Lord Baltimore.



Baltimore Orioles can often be found in open woods, along riversides, and among shade trees.  They generally breed in open woodlands and along the outer edges of the forest.  These birds often winter in the tropics and can be found in nests in town ares where you find elm trees and semi open wooded areas.  They often can be found foraging for insects often catching them in mid-air.  They are attracted to sugar water feeders and pieces of fruit.  These birds are some of the most popular here in the marsh areas around the lake.  Many of the birders who come here can find them out on the boardwalk are easily sighted because of there distinctive color.

I plan on continuing my trips out to the marsh areas to capture these small bird species as they continue to migrate toward the north.  Keep an eye on my Blog and web site as I hope to be posting more of these small birds.  Follow me on Facebook  Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  Leave a comment or two and share with all your friends.  Enjoy!

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