Acadia in October

Sunrise over Cadillac Mountain

Acadia In October!  One would think that if you scheduled a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine during the month of October, you would see autumn colors at their finest.  Not necessarily true this year.  The weather had been a little warm this past fall and the colors started to pop later than usual.  But planning and scheduling being what they may, I found myself surrounded by green trees and very little fall color during my visit.  This type of problem always exists and can be a challenge if you are a nature and wildlife photographer.  We have been to the Canadian Rockies during the best time of the year for photography, only to find fog and rain for the whole week.  We have traveled to capture images of Coastal Brown Bears eating salmon from the creek, only to find bears eating grass and not paying attention to the salmon splashing 20 feet away.  Sometimes we win, sometimes Mother Nature has her way.  So, what to do!

The coastal areas around Acadia provide for some spectacular sunrise and sunset images.  Since the fall colors had not arrived as yet, we focused our lenses on the morning and evening sun.  The golden Hour we call it in photography.  That hour or so before, during, and after sunrise or sunset.  Some of the most dynamic images are captured before or after the great event.  Colors in the sky change throughout the time that we were along the coast or up on Cadillac Mountain.  So it was that we arrive on location an hour or so before sunrise or sunset.  Another great challenge for us had to be the many tourists and other photographers in the area.  One morning we climbed down onto Boulder Beach at 5 am only to find 15 other photographers already in place.  We had to jockey for a good position and work around the landscape such that another photographer was not in our viewfinder.  The above mage was a sunrise over Cadillac Mountain and is one of many that we were able to bring home from our trip.  More to come, Enjoy!

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