Bubbles in Landscape Photography

Bubbles at Jordon Pond

The Bubbles at Jordon Pond

Bubbles in Landscape Photography

During my recent trip to Maine we traveled around Acadia National Park searching for great Landscape Photo opportunities.  The Bubbles, a mountainous area located near Jordon Pond provided us with a late morning shoot.  After photographing along the shoreline for the morning sunrise, we drove a short while to Jordon Pond.  We hiked along the East side of the pond scouting out the best photo locations around the water.  Since this was later than our usual time for photographs, we were a little concerned about the brightness of the sun at this hour.  The timing actually turned out to be perfect as the sun had just risen to cover the top the Bubbles and the sky gave us just the right amount of clouds to capture this image.


Vertical or Horizontal

While teaching at our local University, many of my students asked when it was best to take a vertical composed photograph or a horizontal one.  The answer is quite easy.  The best time to take a vertical image is right after you capture one in a horizontal composition.  The world of digital photography allows us to capture many different types of composition and the cost is zero.  The click of the shutter captures an image and, as opposed to film which would have to be processed at a significant cost, it costs us nothing.  Some images can be seen in both vertical and horizontal format.  Some images lend themselves to one composition or another but not both.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so shoot away and find the right composition for the best image when you look at things on your computer after the shoot.


Composition Guides

There are many guides and rules to follow when thinking about composition.  The rule of thirds, vertical vs horizontal, depth of field for creating dynamic images, and shutter speed just to name a few.  Those of us who take our photography seriously make pictures instead of take pictures.  Quick snapshots are great for travel photography.  Capturing quality images for presentations, gallery shows, or portfolio demonstrations requires a thought process that defines us as photographers and helps to share our vision with those around us.  Enjoy!

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