Yellowstone Moose!

Yellowstone Moose

Yellowstone Moose

A long time friend contacted me recently to inform me about his plans to tour Yellowstone National Park this coming September.  Knowing that I had been there in the past, he wanted to know what he might experience photographically while visiting the park.  Since it has been e few years since I last visited Yellowstone, I went back into my image files and posted a few of them for him on my Facebook page.  This particular image of a Yellowstone Moose was an photograph that I never processed after taking the shot.  I had many images from this trip as I also spent time in the Grand Tetons.  Most of my postings from this trip were of the Tetons and surrounding areas.  Even though I had photographed many wildlife on my visit, my original focus had been the beautiful landscapes around the park.

New Visions of the Past

Times like this one where I have been asked for a specific image, or photographs from specific locations, provide me an opportunity to revisit my past and I am often questioning myself why I had not processed this image or that image.  This female Moose was traveling with her calf and stopped to get a drink.  There was a Male Moose nearby and was threatening the Mother and calf to a point where she had had enough of his attention and ran him off.  It was interesting to watch and photograph as the female bested the male and he quickly departed the area.  The Moose this time of the year do not have the large antlers that your would normally see in the fall, since I was there in mid summer.  My friend is going in Serptember and might see different scenes and wildlife than I did years ago in Yellowstone National Park.  Enjoy!

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